Steroid Phobia – Some thoughts from Twitter ….

The comments below are a selection of tweets taken from our Twitter account, eczemasupport, and managed brilliantly by Amanda. Caution – some of the tweets expressed come from the heart! The views expressed are those of the individual twitter account holders and are not necessarily the view of the NSGCCE or any of its associates.

Yep. Had a GP advise me that the use of a small tube of advantan per month was far too much ‘ steroids ‘. I advised him it really depended how bad your eczema was. Still trying to bust steroid phobia. Eczema can be truly awful


The burden of eczema far outweighs any potential risk from steroid use. At my worst ( when I was a teen ) I’d have done anything to alleviate my eczema. Evidence based or not!

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