Summer Eczema’s Rears its Ugly Head

So since my Summer Eczema has decided to rear its ugly head again, I thought I’d share some tips for anyone dealing with the same thing. Eczema seems to be particularly common for people with allergies too.

  • moisturize as often as possible. Before bed, when you wake up, after a bath/shower, throughout the day. Carry your favorite moisturizer with you for reapplying
  • the best moisturizers are usually the greasy ones (ointments especially)
  • avoid moisturizers with fragrances, 90% chance they will just make it worse. Bath & Body Works is not a moisturizer, it is glorified perfume creme. (Eucerin and Gold Bond tend to be good)
  • if it stings/burns, it’s because it has alcohol in it.
  • rub an ice cube on it. It’ll reduce pain & swelling, and when your done slap some moisturizer on it.
  • the skin on your face (especially near the eyes) is more sensitive than your body. Be extra picky with your moisturizers.
  • avoid irritants as much as possible; allergens, sunburn, excessive heat, friction, makeup, etc.
  • be INCREDIBLY picky when it comes to putting anything near your eyes. Aquaphor ointment has yet to irritate my eyes, and does seem to help a good bit.
  • if it’s on your face, try to sleep facing upwards to avoid friction with your pillow (and to keep from getting ointment in your eyes or all over your pillow case)
  • also tie your hair back to keep it from sticking to your face
  • you probably know this, but avoid scratching as much as possible! It only makes it worse!!!
  • a lot of soaps & other skin products can dry out your skin, try to find ones labeled “for sensitive skin”
  • know when to see a doctor. If your eczema is painful, lasting a long time, or ESPECIALLY if you see any signs of infection, GO TO A DOCTOR.

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