Using A European Salt Room

I first went to the salt room last December and after about three sessions of an hour each my respiratory system seemed to have changed completely. I felt a lot better and needed my inhaler less often. I got the impression that the itching on my skin decreased but the effects in that respect were a lot less noticeable.

I have never been to salt baths and don’t know where there are any. People wanting relief from skin afflictions sometimes sit in the salt room partially unclothed to let the salt do its work.  I’ve seen someone in a bathing suit (swimming costume) and sometimes people remove their shoes, obviously to let the salt do its work on their feet for example. We usually put a special hairnet on and disposable covers over our shoes. There is salt on the floor and a very fine salty powder is sprayed into the room continuously. You´re not conscious of it but you can feel it as it settles on the arms of the kind of deckchairs where we sit and relax, sometimes sleep, and many people play with their smart phones. I usually manage one Sudoku puzzle before settling down to go to sleep.

This salt therapy is not covered by my health insurance unfortunately but I try to take advantage of the special offers the place gives, two for the price of one, at certain times of the year. For me it averages out at about 10 euros a session. I now go about once a week.  When I told the pulmonologist I´d been going and had felt benefit from it, he noted my remarks in my patient´s file and also mentioned it in the report he wrote for the allergist.

The tremendous improvement I felt at the beginning has not gone on increasing but I know I feel a lot better than before I started the salt therapy. I can do more and need the inhaler less! After 77 years, I call it progress.



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