I’m 30, stressed and exhausted ….

Today is May 15th and is one day after my 30th Birthday.

Arriving at the private clinic it’s like an old manor house, certainly not what I’m used to.

I’ve been to the doctors this morning to get my referral letter which looks a bit under cooked in terms of my visits to the GP… NOTHING in there for 2014. Worrying.

Sat in the waiting room and wondering how this will play out, genuinely interested to see if I’ll need to strip down to show the dermatologist the extent of my eczema coverage… Thinking about it, often the doctors haven’t gone that far, only looking at parts when I’ve pushed that they do. It seems to me that GP’s I’ve seen before with flare ups have pretty much followed one of two paths… 1) Given me a different or stronger cream to use or 2) Given me antibiotics and / or steroids to combat the flare up… can they / should they do more?

Also whilst on this trail of thought, it’s a rare occurrence that I ever see the same GP more than once… I’d struggle to tell you who my actual doctor is at my surgery. Surely that can’t help things as I don’t have someone who knows my recent medical history and at best is giving it half their attention whilst also thinking about patient waiting times and the like.

That’s what has led me to go private. I’m not even certain it will make a difference, I didn’t research anyone’s opinions and experiences before doing so… I knew I had a policy from work that I could use and for a £100 excess a year I knew right away it was something I had to try.

Current thoughts in my head..

Will they see my eczema and think it’s not that bad and send me away?

Will they approach things differently from my GP?

Will they do things different to dermatologists I’ve seen on the NHS whose appointments just seemed to follow the same as the GP’s (“Try X for X many weeks and we will see you in X many months”).

Not sure what I’m expecting them to do as i know it is very much trial and error… I guess I’ve never felt like they are trying to find out WHY my Eczema behaves like it does.

More thoughts…

Will they do a blood test?

Allergy testing?

I was a child when I was told that I was allergic to artificial colours and flavourings. Then, more recently I found out I was allergic to dog dander and a few other things but that wasn’t NEW news it just confirmed that my contact with dogs + breakouts = a real thing.

I think now I’m more mature, fed up of flare ups and not wanting the first and last thing i think about each day to be my skin, surely this cannot be how the rest of my life will be? I’m 30, stressed and exhausted.

“Mr Carpenter… come this way please”
Here we go…


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