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Following on from Professor Hywel Williams Radio Nottingham interview with John Holmes we are now able to bring you that interview and the BBC Radio 4 Case Notes programme in the form of podcasts. A podcast, for those that don’t know, is a way of making available, via the internet, audio and visual material without the need for the individual to get specialist equipment or software to review it.

By going onto our website and clicking on the podcast icon located at the top left of most pages (its the purple figure next to the page title), you will be taken to a new podcast page. From here you will have two ways of using the audio:

1. Click on the green triangle under the podcast that you are interested in listening to. It should start up almost instantly. Please make sure that your computer speakers are switched on!

2. You can click on the purple podcast icon. This could display in a number of ways. If you get presented with a page that shows the file name, they will usually end in .mp3, click on it. Then, depending how your computer is set up, you will get the option to save it or it will start your default media player. If your media player starts you should be able to save the file by clicking ‘File > Save As’ on the menu bar. Once saved you will then be able to transfer it to your mp3 device and review it at a more convenient time and as often as you would like.

In the fullness of time it is hoped that we will be able to bring you more podcasts with information that will be of general interest to eczema sufferers and carers. In the meantime enjoy these very informative podcasts and if you have any feedback on any aspect of our services then please get in touch via our contacts page. We will be very pleased to hear from you.

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