A Girl’s Wedding Day

So the moment came that every girl waits for…many years of mental preparation via Disney…yes you are right girlies! I am getting married! now apart from all the obvious I have to plan, every woman knows that the most important aspect of the day for us is the DRESS!!

Last thing any girl (should say woman here but weddings do tend to take us back to our days of playing with Barbie and Ken) wants is to look back at her pictures and feel like shes been dragged through a bush backwards, which is why the dress, makeup, hair and pre-wedding diet is key, there are some things you cannot control. In my case the realisation of this came when i tried on a beautiful strapless dress only to be staring right at my blotchy, itchy red eczema on my shoulders and back.

So now for all of you who are looking at the same scenario as i am, there is sadly no cure for this but I do have some tips that I am trying to follow for the next 6 months in the lead up to the wedding:

• Get into a good moisturising routine: most breakouts of eczema come from skin becoming to dry, in particular these winter months its essential to moisturise all often. In heavy breakouts I tend to cover myself in Aqueous cream and going to sleep in long sleeved Pj’s. This also keeps the skin cool at night too.

• Eat well: Most of my breakouts come as a result of a poor diet, so now might be the time to rethink what you eat (also good for the pre-wedding diet side of things)

• Stay away from allergens: or take preventative measure i.e. do not order a Domino’s when you are allergic to wheat (my confession) or take antihistamines if you are going to be confronted by a pet you are allergic to.

• Stay Calm: another popular reason for flare ups is stress. Now with planning a wedding and battleing and various family members over control of the plans can prove stressful for any bride, taking the time to relax or vent of some steam is important. My current stress releasing activities is Yoga, working out and Kickboxing (which will also help the pre- wedding diet)

Now in terms of the actual dress itself, it is all about knowing how your body reacts so you can plan what kind of dress will suit you. Being an all over eczema sufferer I decided against a short wedding dress so that if my legs give me grief on the day no wedding photographer will have to see it. Another tip for those whose arms tend to suffer around the arms and back is to have a bolero, cardigan or wrap around handy, just in case

Biggest tip of all is enjoy you will look stunning, ezcema or not!

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