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Jo’s Story

I am a struggling 39 year old with a 2 year old baby girl, a mum who is recovering from cancer both lung and breast, and my skin has gone crazy. I have had the dreaded eczema for 37 years, I have tried Chinese herbs, oil of evening primrose, light treatment, steroid creams, tablets, antihistamines… (read more)

Cold Turkey

Webmaster’s Note: NSGCCE does not recommend stopping topical steroid treatment without close medical support. If you intend to do this then the responsibility for the outcome rests with you, totally. The NSGCCE nor any of its contributors or associates will accept any liability whatsoever.  When I contacted you, you suggested that we saw a dermatologist… (read more)


You’ve got a killer itch. Worse, it’s The Itch. It’s driving you insane. The urge overcomes you and you go for it. But sometimes your fingernails just aren’t enough, and you turn to external help. But what? What do you turn to in a desperate, and ultimately self-destructive attempt to silence the screams of The… (read more)

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