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Erica’s Story

Two years ago while a sophomore in college I developed eczema. I can’t quite remember exactly when I started itching and scratching in the shower but I do remember how uncomfortable and irritable I was during the time. The eczema started at my neck and worked its way to my face and hands. By the… (read more)

Eczema Priority Setting Partnership – Update

 In 2011 the Eczema Priority Setting Partnership got underway. Eczema is a common condition yet there are numerous uncertainties in its treatment. More research is needed on how to treat the condition effectively, but it is unusual for patients and clinicians to set the research agenda. In order to involve both those who have eczema,… (read more)

Spoken advice for those living with eczema

Got tips about living with eczema which you want to pass on to others?  We are starting a collection of audioboos ( and this is our first one, recorded by Amanda, about Pregnancy and Eczema.  If you want to join in, you can send your own audioboos to @eczemasupport. ‘Eczema and Pregnancy’

NSGCCE Website Relaunch

Just before Christmas our website was re-launched. It was something that needed to be done because over recent months it became harder and harder to maintain and the only way around this was to start again. Some things have gone and others improved. We hope that you like the changes. Please let us know what… (read more)

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