Tuesday, June 07, 2011

NSGCCE follower raises funds for National Eczema Society

One of our twitter followers has walked 630 miles to raise money for the National Eczema Society. On Good Friday, 22nd April 2011, a team of intrepid walkers led by Stephen and Roddy Jenkins, set out from the West Somerset resort of Minehead, on a walk skirting the South West coast. The team is undertaking the walk in an effort to raise a massive £10,000 for the National Eczema Society and help them to facilitate and support research into this skin condition.

Over the last goodness knows how many months, Roddy (@RoddyJenkins) has been tweeting a lot with our own Amanda Roberts (@eczemasupport) about this feat of endurance. Roddy Jenkins has suffered all his life from chronic eczema (“boiling of the skin”) which, for him, has meant skin breakdown, immune system complications, a variety of allergies and much suffering along the way. Roddy is also partially sighted.

Stephen (Roddy’s father) and Roddy completed this eppic march on 31 May 2001 after 40 days and averaging about 16 miles a day. If you would like to help Stephen and Roddy by donating, you can do this from Roddy's fundraising page at http://www.justgiving.com/Roddy-Jenkins. They are over half way to the £10,000 target. Every pound raised will help to fund much needed research. We wish them both all the very best in this huge challenge. To review their progress reports and itinerary just go to the National Eczema Society's website.

Minehead 630 miles

Monday, August 02, 2010

Spring Fundraising

My name is Roddy Jenkins and I have eczema. As a sufferer practically all my life of mild to severe atopic eczema - undergoing various treatments of creams, ointments, emollients, oral medication and several hospital stays - I decided that I wanted to help raise people's awareness of this skin complaint. They say the skin is one the major organs of our bodies, yet for the most part we don't give it a second thought.

So, as a keen(ish!) walker, I thought I'd undertake a walk to hopefully raise funds for the National Eczema Society with which to plough into the research of eczema treatments. The walk I have set my sights on is no mean feat. It is the 640 mile long South West Coast Path, straddling the coastline of Somerset, Devon, Cornwall, and Dorset, from Minehead to Poole Harbour. If the walk itself doesn't kill me, it might kill off the bits of flab that I've accumulated over recent years!!

(Webmasters Note: Roddy has set himself a massive target of £10,000 so will need help. If you wish to donate go to http://justgiving.com/Roddy-Jenkins to make your donation. Good luck Roddy.)

So if you're around and about in the South West of England during Spring 2011, please come and say hello...oh and give your support!! It'll be much appreciated!!

My eczema has, as you fellow sufferers will no doubt be able to testify, been to some extent a blight on my life. When severe flare-ups occur, I often feel extremely self-conscious - often over fearing the worst - and I feel that I want to run away from society and hide.

Having said that, it doesn’t completely control my life; I am able to more or less go about my daily tasks.

In recent months, I have been fortunate enough to discover fellow sufferers on Twitter, as\well as support organisations like Nottingham Eczema Support (@eczemasupport). Please feel free to follow me on Twitter (@RoddyJenkins), where I would be more than happy to 'swap notes and experiences'

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Monday, August 06, 2007

Can You Help?

Up to 1 in 3 of our children and 1 in 12 adults have eczema. The society provides information and support, funds research into treatments and possible cures and works to dispel myths so those who have eczema need not feel stigmatised, guilty or isolated. As part of National Eczema Week, the society Chief Executive, Margaret Cox, will be attending board meetings, AGM’s and just going to work in her PJ’s! If you feel able to sponsor this brave lady please goto http://www.justgiving.com/PJs4eczema. To find out more about National Eczema Week, goto Original Link No Longer Available. To find out more about the National Eczema Society, including membership goto http://www.eczema.org. Thank you.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Take up the Challenge to support the National Eczema Society

Taking part in an overseas event to raise money is an exciting and challenging way of supporting the National Eczema Society. Challenges can include walking, running, cycling, horse (or even camel) riding in distant countries including China, Mexico, Cuba and India. You don't have to be super fit to take part but the challenges are physically challenging. Training and fitness is a must. But, this is not a race - the aim is for you to complete the challenge at your own pace. Whilst there will be people of differing levels of fitness on the trek you will find that there is a great sense of team spirit and support for everyone to complete the challenge. People from all walks of life and of all ages take part in challenge events. From 18 onwards, everyone is welcome as long as you are fit and healthy enough to do the challenge. For more details and an information pack visit the National Eczema Society at www.eczema.org.