Wednesday, May 09, 2012

A new mother’s eczema

I have had eczema since being a baby in the usual places, creases in the arms and legs and face but from what I can personally remember it was bad at the age of 8 years old and awful to live with at the age of 13 years old.

Like any average teenage girl I would love to wear makeup and nice scented cosmetics but the reactions I had were awful. I felt very outcast from the other girls as image seemed to mean a lot. If I bathed in the wrong bubble bath or used the wrong scent I would end up so scaly and swollen I felt embarrassed to go out.

The prescribed creams seemed to help but then I would try to hide it with makeup and the battle would start again.

The eczema seemed to calm down for a few years in my 20's but came back full force when i fell pregnant with my first child. I found that with the hotter months my skin would blister and swell then in the colder winter months would dry, crack and itch. I got in touch with my local GP who sent me for allergy testing at the Hospital. The tests showed I was allergic to Nickel and Perfume (nothing new there). I was told I have Atopic Eczema and there is no cure, so now I try to manage it through 2 creams split between the seasons. Eumovate Cream for summer/ fair season and Fucibet Cream through the winter/cold period. I still have to wear non latex gloves while taking a shower or bath or bathing the children and also when doing the dishes as too much water makes my eczema worse. I dread trying new detergents, perfumes, creams or make up colours and definitely can't wear lipstick at all. If I do I have a 4 day period were my lips are red and swollen.

My skin condition is never going to go away and still to this day my skin is reacting to new scents and chemical's I touch. Just in September I tried an eye drop as my hay fever was bad and I had a severe outbreak as it contained Hydrochloride, something I am now allergic to (recently found out).

My eczema is manageable but difficult and wearing. It's no major illness but still matters.

I hope my story might help some people and give me some hope for the future. Jane Long

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