Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Charities, Jeans & Showers: The Good, Bad and the Ugly

Here I describe a few of my wintertime eczema experiences. I hope it helps you in some way :-)

I suffer with eczema. I suffer with it even more when the weather changes from hot to cold or vice versa. Firstly my face starts to get really dry and cracked and especially around my mouth. Most annoying. Next is my arms which get blotchy and finally the backs of my legs get similarly red and cracked. These are things which I am sure are familiar to many of my fellow eczema friends out there... I've tried many lotions and potions to combat this but with no avail. For the past two winters however I have found the answer to eczema on the face at least! The answer being - The Mark Gorry Foundation. This is a Testicular Cancer charity I work for and since the passing of a close friend 2 years I have been involved in "Grow A Beard For Gorry" which as you can see from the picture above involves well; growing a beard! For the months I have it my skin is amazing and it also helps keep me warm!! Now beards aren't for everyone, but what better excuse to give it a bash than growing one and raising some cash at the same time (women can possibly try a sponsored leg hair grow?!). Good excuse too if like me you have a partner who doesn't like you with facial hair normally :-)

They was the good.

The Bad: Jeans are EVIL. This is just a recent discovery and there is a logic behind my outlandish claims...

For years I have suffered with really bad chapped hands with really dry skin and many trips to the doctor later I was still left with no answer and many creams to try. I like to keep my use of Steroid cream to a minimum if I can help it so I tried to think of the source of my dry skin as it was always worse on my fight hand. Surely not a coincidence! Turns it out wasn't. The story goes that my skin was particularly bad one morning and as I went to answer my phone (located in my right jeans pocket) I ended up scraping the top layer of skin from my knuckles... And then i realised! Clearly me dipping in and out of my pocket some 5-10 times an hour was rubbing my skin just like I was scratching! So obvious but I had never thought of it before!

My message to you? There's always reason why your eczema is bad... Either your scratching and so it's obvious or like me it's something so simple you don't even notice!

And Finally: The Ugly!


These things often do more harm than good especially in the winter months when the cold and wind is battering your skin leading it to be dry. A long warm shower is tempting to wash away the winter blues but for me it leads to more issues. A shower (more so the hotter you have your shower) drys out your skin. It does this because it removes the top layer of moisture (so the dermatologist tells me) from your skin. Clearly this isn't what you need with the additional consequences of the winter months. This year i will be sticking to having baths and I may dig out my trusted scarf and gloves for further protection.