Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Sandra Lawton wins Prestigious University Award

Sandra with Geoff Randel and the Vice Chancellor

Sandra Lawton has won a ‘Recent Graduate’ award from the University of Nottingham. Sandra was presented with the award at the 2011 Alumni Laureate Awards at the East Midlands Conference Centre on Saturday 7 May by the Vice Chancellor for Nottingham Trent University, Professor David Greenaway.

Each year, the university recognises the achievements of former students who have gone on to achieve great things in their chosen career. Sandra, who has worked at the Queen’s Medical Centre of NUH for over 23 years, said: “The nomination and actually receiving such a prestigious award has made me feel very humble, especially as it is for something I love and do on a daily basis. “To receive this alongside such eminent award winners made the evening very special. It was wonderful to have my family who have lived and breathed dermatology for over 20 years there, alongside colleagues from the University of Nottingham, NUH and parents from the Nottingham Eczema Support Group. “Hearing what they and other colleagues had to say on video was very emotional and I think my speech reflected that. Words cannot say how delighted I was to receive the award, which is recognition for not only what I have done but all those who have been part of my nursing journey.”

The whole event was hosted by Jeff Randall, a former Nottingham Economics graduate and who currently presents "Jeff Randall Live" for Sky TV. There is also a full press release available from Nottingham University. Just Click here to view it.